2 of The Most Promising Responses to “What Do You Do?”

December 14, 2018

“So, what do you do?” Most of us may have been asked this question more than once and may have given our answers by telling them directly what’s on our business cards or what’s engraved in our offices or our current position in a company. If you’re thinking that these answers are correct. . . Think again!


All this time, you may have thought that this is supposed to be the right answer to what we regarded as a simple question. We never thought that the answer to this question could impose a lot of meaning to the person we’re conversing with. People might interpret us as being arrogant and that we view ourselves in terms of the status that we have reached. Although we should be proud of our achievements, some people take it as being overly confident.



1. How your role impacts the end beneficiary.


If you wanted to make a good impression to the person you’re talking to, think about answering the question that would peak their interest on what you actually do.


Don’t say, “I’m a Public Relations Officer to Duckymomo”. The person you’re talking to doesn’t know what it is or what that does! With this answer, you have paved the way to an end of a possibly good conversation.  So, instead of giving them this answer,  how about you tell them, “I help manage Duckymomo’s reputation”. This answer sounds promising, and opens up a door to conversation. It’s makes your job mysterious and welcomes questions.



2. Make the person see your value and tie the statement to who you are.


When you’re making your pitch answering this question, consider telling the person how the world is made better with you in it.


“What do you do?”, they asked.


“ Have you seen or heard about the new Duckymomo smartwatch? I just make sure that the watch gets seen or heard about by everyone else. What do you do?”, I answered.



Keep in mind that when you answer this question, make it brief and turn the question back to that person. Do not dwell on yourself and your answer too much - which is human nature, but rather show an interest to the person and make a good impression for yourself. This will make you more of a good conversationalist which will work up to your future advantage.


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