7 of the Best Email Subject Line Types That ‘s Got the Best Open Rates

April 12, 2019

How many emails do you receive every single day? Maybe 10, 20, a hundred or maybe even more? You maybe getting a lot every day. Many businesses may want to connect and get you in the loop, but the question is how many of them gets opened?

Let’s be honest, in those many emails you are receiving, you maybe opening one or two and the rest goes straight to the bin or is just considered as clutter.

If you are one of those companies sending emails to your subscribers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, there’ s a huge chance that your emails are never going to get opened.  Maybe it even doesn’t offer much help or interests that some subscribers already have decided to unsubscribe from your email list even before they open it! More importantly, maybe your subject line is just lousy that you lose not just one, but two more subscribers on one email.


It’s sad to say, but your subject line can either make or break you, no matter how important the content is, it may go directly down the trash bin. Your subject line is what decides the future of the email that you are about to send, after all, first impression lasts. So before hitting the send button on your email, better read how to write the best subject line types - with samples, that have the best open rates.


1. The Simple Type

Minimalism is perhaps a trend now in everything. You see it in tips, from graphic design, website design, architecture, home designs, organization tips and everywhere else! The reason is that, perhaps, people are just tired about a lot of complexities in their life that they want to move to the simple things. Pretentions are tiring, people want what’s simple, what’s true, what’s direct to the point and what’s easy to understand. Even in email subject lines!

Clear and easy to discern subject types often get the best open rates. Mailchimp conducted a study about this and found that short, descriptive subject lines turn out to be more alluring than cheesy lines.


  • Info      Pay your Mastercard Credit Card

  • Order     Your BeautyAU order 000011256



2. The Funny Type

Your subscribers maybe tired of the same boring lines everyday. Why not delight them with some funny opening lines. Here are some funny examples we grabbed straight from web.

  • The Muse: We Like Being Used

  • BuzzFeed: Yes, We’ re Still Talking About Kim Kardashian ’s Butt

  • NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences: Show Us Yours and We’ll Show You Ours



3. The Controversial Type

People, no doubt, loves controversy. Controversy makes things more interesting as they say. People get tired of the same opinion, so some, to standout from the crowd, grabs attention by voicing their own opinion and spark up some debates. Another thing is that, controversies generates some feeling of discomfort. When these 3 are used to an advantage, you can definitely have a winning strategy.

  • Why networking doesn't work (for me)

  • Why Your Marketing Sucks and What to do About It


4. The Single-Worded Type

Some marketers use ultra-minimalistic subject lines. This is because they want to grab more attention all for the sake of getting opened. Less is more, right?

  • U2

  • Panic

  • Laugh

  • Guilty!


5. The Numbered/Listed Type

Numbers are popular with blog posts’ title, but why not use it in your email subject line. These numbers grab attention because it is said that we are naturally drawn to digits.

  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

  • 10 Huge Revelations That Only Marvel Comic Readers Know About

  • 7 Ridiculous Things You Should Not Eat with Your Rice


6. The Personalised Type

One technique of getting your emails open is personlising your subject lines with your type of audience. It just makes sense that you understand your audiences enough to know their language, style, lifestyle in order to become attractive to them.

  • 9 Trending Styles of Just for You

  • 5 Best Coffee Products for Your Morning Coffee

  • 10 Table Tops Perfect for Your Study Area



7. The Mysterious Type

Who doesn’t love mysteries?

It is also good idea to give your audience a little peak on something so intriguing that cause them to go gaga over you. People dig mysteries. If you love it as much as we do, why not incorporate that on your strategy?

  • Tonight only: A food lover ’s dream

  • A Fast Turtle in Charge

  • Get Your Dream Vacation in Mars!

  • Age Defying Beauty Tricks

  • Warning: Do Not Read This




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