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Bad Logo Design

How to Recognise it and Avoid it


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A logo is an emblem that plays an important part in a business. It plays the role of visual representation of your company. Through this, you can create your brand presence based on the design, and it will be the first thing your client sees. The main function of it is to develop and establish your brand awareness, build brand presence and association to your brand. You can portray your look and feel just by your logo and branding. It's one of the most important factors of your business and the sort of crowd you'll attract. 


A logo that is unique, eye-catching, and easy to digest, helps businesses thrive. Logos are also an essential element to the branding process. They have to be memorable to the consumer, illustrate company values, illustrate company objectives, and have the capability to be adaptable for future business growth. Translating all of this into one symbol while being aesthetically pleasing and enticing to your customers is a complicated process. You want to be sure you're doing it right ;)


In this article, we have rounded how to recognise bad logo characteristics and how to avoid them.

1. Outdated Logo Techniques

A bad logo design is a result of outdated graphic techniques, visuals, and effects. You may encounter logos that look like they've been created when computers were first invented, and their typical characteristics are old-fashioned skeuomorphism, clip art, 3D gradients, and particular fonts. We’re not really into that sort of thing.. 


If you are dealing with an outdated logo, the best way to solve it is by redesigning and transporting it into the 21st century. But if you have a thing with a retro vibe, do it purposefully and only use vintage design elements that are on-trend.

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2. Pixelated

Do you have a pixelated logo? That's a big no no! This happens when it is a raster image rather than a vector image. A raster image is not suitable for logo design because of its “blocky” looking effect when scaled up. Instead, remember to use vector images because it is the best to use for logos and illustrations.

3. Stock Image

A logo that has a stock image makes it a bad logo. Ask yourself, do you want your logo to look like your competitors? Avoid using stock images on your logo. It should be unique, express, and echoe the principles of your company. If not, it won’t be effective for your brand recognition and establishing customer loyalty. Just think of your fave brands and their logos.

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4. Vague

If your logo looks good but doesn’t portray any meaning about your brand, it is still a “not so good” logo design. The main goal of the logo is to explain who you are and what you do, or leave viewers with a bit of mystery to find out more. So, make sure to have a logo design that will offer all the necessary information with relevant icons, symbols, fonts and colours.

5. No Variations

If your logo does not work in a vertical or horizontal format, it will limit all the possibilities of its usage. A good logo should work with any possible variation and should be visible in black and white versions. You could also consider a primary logo and a secondary logo, each can be designed purposefully for different applications whilst maintaining the uniform approach that your brand needs, oh so badly.

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6. Poor Font Selection

Every font has a message to convey a unique set of emotions. A good logo utilises a font style that works well with the brand’s core value, and a bad logo does not have those characteristics. There's so many great variations to consider, for example, Serif, Sans Serif, Blockletter fonts, and the list pretty much goes on for fonts. So many amazing ones to choose from, dont limit yourself, or your brand for that matter.

7. Not Visible

A bad logo is not visible in small sizes. Keep in mind that logos are used in a variety of different ways. It is a must to make it in such a way that the logo design is versatile enough to work in every context. Make it big, make it small, just make sure it's legible in all formats.

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8. Theme Conflicts

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Logos help in setting the mood of your brand. If your brand is focusing on tech, you can use futuristic imagery like wire circuits or astral grids, or any other elements that will tie in well with your industry theme. If your brand is a bit more on the professional and serious side with intentions to attract a different audience looking for those characteristics, make sure your logo attracts that demographic. Make sure the colours and applications of the logo make sense. For example you wouldn't have a skull on a childcare business logo would you?  


In short,  if your theme is mismatched with the brand you are trying to build, it can convey the wrong feeling. That is why you need a good team or a good agency who can create a purposeful logo for you. 

9. Color Reliant

The use of colors and gradients in logos is fine, but if a logo relies too much on colors, it will lack its versatility to use in all of the ways a logo is usually used. A logo should work as well without colors to be used in other aspects of your business. You just want to be sure the design makes sense. We recommend having a colour palette with different colour variants for different applications. Just so you don't start looking like a rainbow, but look more like you have a well thought out colour base, that's again, driven by purpose and colour psychology.

10. Generic

Bad logos are generic logos. We should just leave it at that for this one. How do you spot a generic logo? It looks generic and done before. Simples.


When your target audience or the market does not connect with your brand persona, then you might be missing out on a whole bunch of opportunities. Establish a relationship with your target market by connecting with them using your logo that speaks the gospel of your brand.


Invest in a good logo, it will do your wonders. Reach out to us today, we can share some really good bad logo designs with you. 

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