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Your 24/7 Online Listing Presentation.

Lets face it, in 2018, agents have their work cut out for them, competition is high and stock has slowed down. Your vendor is going to compare you to all the other agents in the area, now more than ever. The agent who just sold down the road, the agent who gave them a follow up call a week ago, the agent with the flyers. Your vendor is expecting this, they have seen listing presentation after listing presentation. 

If we dissect what the role of a sales agent is, it really comes down to really good marketing, make it visual, impressive, look different from the rest.  Wow them, earn their trust and youve got the listing. Compare some of the big agents in Sydney, Australia, America, internationally, they all have one thing in common, their marketing. Its all different, but their marketing is unique, gives an edge and sells their client a promising picture.