2019’s Top Marketing Strategies That Actually Works

June 17, 2019

Marketing is still one of the best ways of promoting your products, services and brand. This includes research and advertising.

Anybody can create strategies of their own, but to be able to become successful in the marketing process, one must not be left out. Research of the current and most effective marketing trends can help you reach your end goal and stay ahead of the competition.

In today’ s article, we’ll bring you the most effective marketing strategies proven to work this year.


1. Video Marketing

Video marketing strategy isn’t new, but it has played a vital role in marketing. People love moving images than still images. Videos also gives the feeling of authenticity therefore building trust and loyalty among your audiences.


2. Social Media Marketing

Social media connects you with your customers. Billions of people around the globe uses social media platforms everyday, all the more reason not to pass on this trend. Be where your customers are.


3. Search Engine Optimisation

People search for products and services online, if they can see you in the first page of Google results, it can help you with your marketing efforts.


4. Chatbots Marketing

Chatbots help businesses with conversational design and integration. It serves as customer service and if well planned, it can also serve as lead generator and drives engagement, this will also help with market research.


5. Content Marketing

This is the type of marketing that involves creation and sharing of materials such as blog articles, social media posts or videos. Content Marketing does not promote a brand, but its goal is to arouse your customers interest in your products or services.


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